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Mytuning Utilities 2017 v17.0.7.61 Full Version

Mytuning Utilities 2017 v17.0.7.61 Full Version
Mytuning Utilities 2017 v17.0.7.61 Full Version - Top performance just like the first time. With mytuning utilities, you can speed up your PC and convert useless data garbage into valuable storage for vacation pictures, videos and your favorite songs.

- Accelerates startup and shutdown
- Improves disk access and
- increases the read and write speed

Maintenance & Tuning
- Tidies up registry entries
- Detects and repairs hard disk errors
- Salvages data deleted accidentally

- Removes unused programs
- Archives infrequently used programs
- Destroys surfing trails in the browser
- Removes data garbage on the system
- Reliable shredder

Reliable shredder
- Extends battery life thanks to
- intelligent energy regulation
- Flight energy and power mode

What's New in Mytuning Utilities 17 :

Accelerates startup and shutdown
Unnecessary auto start programs are deactivated. So you can start and stop Windows in record time.

Improve hard drive access
You can optimize the storage and data capacity of the hard drive and thus increase read and write speeds.

Optimized PC energy consumption
mytuning utilities has simple click settings to reduce your energy consumption. Background activities are reduced, and processor and hardware energy consumption minimized.

Remove surfing traces in your browser
Reduce surfing traces in all conventional browsers and protect your online privacy. These include Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Flash & Silverlight.

Removes data garbage
Installation debris, history lists, error reports and other data garbage stands no chance with mytuning utilities. Data garbage is removed and converted into storage space for your data.

Reliable shredder
mytuning utilities guarantees secure, final deletion of private and sensitive data. The data is overwritten multiple times and cannot be restored afterwards.

Archives infrequently used programs
Infrequently used programs are archived, i.e. their priority is reduced such that all processes running in the background are stopped. But they are available to you immediately if you need them.

Removes unused programs
mytuning utilities not only helps you get rid of data garbage. It also shows you which programs you no longer use and makes it easier to delete them completely from the system (inc. registry and auto start entries).

Finds large files
With just a few clicks, you can get an overview of the biggest files and programs taking up your memory space and easily reclaim memory space by means of careful deletion.

Brings order to registry entries
Analyzes registry entries and remedies any problems which arise. Unnecessary entries from uninstalled programs and references which are no longer required are deleted.

Detects and repairs hard disk errors
mytuning utilities scans the following areas of your hard disk: sectors, file and folder structure, indexes, storage, NTFS permissions. Possible errors are corrected, faulty references removed. This reliably prevents disk blackouts and read and write errors.

Salvages accidentally deleted data
With just a few clicks, you can restore data in mytuning utilities which you did not mean to delete - even if you have already emptied the recycle bin and no matter what the medium (internal hard disk or external memory). This does not apply to files which you have reliably removed using the mytuning utilities data shredder.

All wireless components such as WiFi and Bluetooth devices are deactivated with a single click. This saves energy and means you can work on your PC or enjoy games and films on your PC in flight.

Economy Mode
You can switch to a very special energy saving mode with just one click. Power-hungry background processes and hardware and processor power consumption are minimized. The result: Your battery keeps the PC going longer.

Turbo Mode
Does your PC hang or struggle when playing games? Windows is not fast enough to use several applications at the same time? Then switch to Turbo mode with just one click. Everyday functions which you do not currently need are deactivated, freeing up all available resources for your programs.

Analysis on program start
When you start the program, you can carry out all important tuning functions at the same time with just a single click. Even better: If you want, you can set mytuning utilities to carry out maintenance completely automatically when you start up the program.

Compatible With :
- MS Windows® 10 (32/64 Bit)
- MS Windows® 8, 8.1 (32/64 Bit)
- MS Windows® 7 (32/64 Bit)
- MS Windows Vista® (32/64 Bit)
- MS Windows XP® (SP 3; 32 Bit)

System Requirements :
- Processor: 1 GHz or faster
- Screen resolution: min. 1024x768 pixels
- Hard drive: min. 200 MB free memory
- Browser: Internet Explorer 8® or higher

Screenshot Mytuning Utilities 2017 v17.0.7.61 Full Version
Mytuning Utilities 2017 v17.0.7.61 Full Version | 30 Mb

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